AAFP Takes Advocacy Action On Women's Health

The AAFP has joined together with four organizations to take an advocacy action on women’s health as discussions continue in Washington about repeal and replace of the ACA. The following letter has been sent to Congress. 

America’s Physicians Stand Together to Protect Women’s Health 

January 25, 2017 

The women of America have an enormous amount at stake as Congress debates the future of health insurance coverage. For seven years, current law has guaranteed women no-copay coverage of preventive services and coverage for maternity care. It’s guaranteed that no woman will be charged more for, or denied, coverage because of her gender, because she was the victim of domestic violence, or because she had a previous C-section. Current law has also facilitated expanded Medicaid programs, adopted in 31 states covering 10 million individuals, which offer care coverage to many low income women and their families. 

The undersigned organizations, representing 500,000 physicians, want America’s women to know we’re here for you, and we’re dedicated to protecting these important health care guarantees. 

Healthy women are the foundation of our economy and our society. Healthy women give birth to healthier babies, dramatically reducing costs associated with poor birth outcomes. Healthy women can better participate in our economy and our workforce, and can reach higher levels of educational attainment. 

Our organizations, with longstanding traditions of patient advocacy, stand together to: 

  1. Ensure women unencumbered access to affordable, evidence-based health care throughout their lifespan 
  2. Oppose political interference in the patient-provider relationship 
  3. Protect and retain current benefits and coverage for women, including preventive care and banning gender rating 
  4. Protect Medicaid coverage and financing, ensuring consistent treatment of qualified providers 

We call on the President and the US Congress to stand with us and for America’s women. 

John Meigs, Jr., MD, FAAFP 

President | American Academy of Family Physicians 

Wanda D. Filer, MD, MBA, FAAP 

Board Chair | American Academy of Family Physicians 

Fernando Stein, MD, FAAP 

President | American Academy of Pediatrics 

Colleen A. Kraft, MD, FAAP 

President-Elect | American Academy of Pediatrics

Nitin S. Damle, MD, MS, MACP 

President | American College of Physicians 

Darilyn V. Moyer, MD, FACP 

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President | American College of Physicians

Thomas M. Gellhaus, MD 

President | American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

Lisa M. Hollier, MD, MPH 

President Elect in Nomination | American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

Boyd R. Buser, DO 

President | American Osteopathic Association 

Adrienne White-Faines, MPA 

Chief Executive Officer | American Osteopathic Association