Call For Nominations For IAFP Awards

In an effort to recognize the achievements and dedication of our members, the IAFP Board of Directors invites members to honor their peers with the following awards each year: 

• Family Physician of the Year Award 

• Lester D. Bibler Award (for long-term service and leadership) 

• A. Alan Fischer Award (for outstanding contributions to family medicine education) 

• Distinguished Public Service Award (for community or public service on a voluntary or uncompensated basis) 

• Certificate of Commendation (for non-family physicians who have been deemed to contribute in a distinguished manner to the advancement of family medicine in Indiana) 

The IAFP Commission on Membership & Communication will review all entries and present its recommendation to the IAFP Board of Directors for approval.

Recipients will be recognized during the 2015 IAFP Annual Convention in July. Nominations should be completed online no later than Wednesday, April 1, 2015

To view each award, or to submit a nomination, please visit the Awards page on our website.