Call For Patient-Related Stories For Upcoming Publication

Have you had a patient who profoundly influenced you, who you learned from, or who touched your life?

Richard Feldman, MD, Director Emeritus of the Family Medicine Residency at Franciscan Health Indianapolis, is writing a new book that will be published by the Indiana Historical Society Press entitled, What We Have Learned from Our Patients. He is looking for stories from Indiana physicians, residents, and medical students (and possibly APRNs, PAs, nurses and psychologists) regarding how they were touched by a specific patient or what they have learned from a specific patient.….about life, the world, career, and oneself.

Would you be willing to write one or more stories? Each story will be a chapter in the book with the author’s name. Nothing is too long or short, but the stories are anticipated to be generally of essay length. Names and exact circumstances can be changed to protect confidentiality. Dr. Feldman wrote the book Family Practice Stories (stories from the careers of mid-20th century family doctors) a number of years ago, and this was not a problem. The stories can be submitted as a draft; Dr. Feldman will do the final editing, so there is no need for the essays to be in polished form.

Please let Dr. Feldman know of your interest and if you have any questions! It would be great to have the stories in the next few months. He has already received about 30 stories. The stories are very powerful, and he is encouraged this will result in an extremely impactful book.

This would be a great opportunity to be a contributing author in a publication and be part of engaging the public in one of the most positive aspects of medicine-our relationships with our patients.

Please contact Dr. Feldman at or with questions and/or to submit stories.