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Set The Course For The IAFP

2023 IAFP Congress of Delegates

Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15, 2023 | French Lick, Indiana

Our Congress of Delegates gives each IAFP member a chance to take an active role in IAFP business. All members are invited and encouraged to attend because every member is a delegate, and every delegate will have a vote and voice. The Congress considers resolutions submitted by members on hot topics such as legislative issues and urgent educational needs.

Call for Resolutions for the 2023 Congress of Delegates
Set the course for your association by writing a resolution and submitting it for consideration by the Congress of Delegates. Resolutions from across the state are debated at the Congress and those that pass become official IAFP policy.

The IAFP utilizes a Whereas/Resolved format for resolutions:

  • Whereas is followed by the background and conditions of the problem.
  • Resolved is followed by the actions you want the IAFP or AAFP to take. Each resolved should be clearly stated and able to stand on its own if adopted as policy.


WHEREAS, studies have shown the use of cell phones while driving can be dangerously distracting;

therefore be it

RESOLVED, IAFP support state legislation restricting the use of wireless communication devices while driving; except in emergency situations

Resolutions for the 2023 IAFP Congress of Delegates are now being accepted. Resolutions should be submitted to Cole Speer ( no later than June 14, 2023. Any resolutions received after the deadline will be considered late but may be heard if deemed pertinent to the objectives of the IAFP and approved for acceptance by a two thirds vote of the congress.

All IAFP members are invited to attend our Congress of Delegates free of charge if you are not attending the rest of our Annual Convention.

2023 Congress of Delegates
Items will be posted as they are received.