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How do I make a contribution to the IAFP Foundation? We are happy to accept your donation online. The process is secure, and takes just a few minutes. Click here to access the IAFP's Square Marketplace where you can make your donation. Alternatively, mail your check to IAFP Foundation, 55 Monument Circle, Suite 400, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Thank you!

Interested in a particular program? Any contribution to the IAFP Foundation can be designated to support a specific Foundation program. To designate your contribution, signify your intent to designate the funds in writing with your contribution, or by phone (317.237.4237) or email.

Tar Wars®

Tar Wars® is a national tobacco prevention and education program and poster contest for 4th grade students. The IAFP Foundation has operated the Tar Wars® program for over a decade. This statewide initiative is intended to improve the health of Indiana residents by educating young Hoosiers about the dangers of smoking, and showing them the positive reasons to be tobacco-free. By communicating this message early, Tar Wars® can prevent Hoosiers from succumbing to the health problems that effect smokers throughout their lives. The Tar Wars® program is an established educational program in which volunteer health professionals teach students about the reasons why people use tobacco, the short-term effects of tobacco use, and the immediate financial costs of using tobacco. Students also learn the true prevalence of smoking, and they have the opportunity to take a critical look at the tobacco industry’s advertising practices. Tar Wars® is unique because it focuses on how tobacco affects youth now – as opposed to down the road – and does so in a very interactive way.

Family physicians can get involved with the Tar Wars® program by presenting the program to students in their community. No previous knowledge is necessary to present the 50-minute lesson; the Tar Wars® program provides a script and all of the activities needed to conduct a Tar Wars® presentation. Additionally, nurses, residents, medical students, and other health professionals are encouraged to become Tar Wars® presenters. The more students hear the Tar Wars® anti-smoking message, the fewer lifetime smokers there will be in Indiana. This outcome not only improves the medical future for today’s youth, but also makes it more likely that the next generation of Hoosiers will grow up with a non-smoking lifestyle.

IAFP Historic Family Doctor's Office

The Museum is located on the grounds of the former Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane (Central State Hospital) in Indianapolis. It currently houses a significant collection of scientific artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries. Included in the Museum’s holdings are the contents of a general practice physician’s office that operated from 1938 until the physician’s death in 1971. The intent of this exhibit is to showcase the role family practice has played in our state’s medical history and the lives of its residents.

Find more information about the Indiana Medical History Museum by visiting the Museum's web site!

Family Practice Stories Book

Another aspect of the Historic Family Physician Office project is the Family Practice Stories book. This project is a collection of practice-related stories and experiences from family physicians across Indiana in the mid-twentieth century. Read about the book here.

Jackie Schilling Family Practice Medical Student/Resident Fund

In 2001, the Jackie Schilling Fund was established to honor former IAFP Executive Vice President Jackie Schilling. At Jackie’s request, the purpose of the fund is to endow programs and activities that help medical students and residents, and encourage these potential physicians to explore the specialty of family medicine for their future medical careers.

Memorial Contributions

Contributions to the Foundation can be made in memory of a colleague, family member, friend, patient, or other individual. These funds are used to support current and future Foundation programs.

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