Important HIP Information

Important HIP Information

HIP 2.0 Fast Track Enrollment Should Be Available Now

According to the approved HIP 2.0 waiver, individuals eligible for HIP 2.0 can now participate in a fast track process to gain immediate enrollment into HIP Plus, effective the first date of the month in which payment is received by the State. Remember HIP Plus is a better value to patients as it covers more services and is more cost effective for patients. It also does not require copayments with ordinary services – this is a win for physician’s offices too.

Individuals simply need to enroll in HIP, select the fast track option and pay $10 in the form of a POWER Account prepayment. Details on the program are still unfolding, but to IAFP’s knowledge, the fast track process was up and running as of April 1. Your patients should call 1-877-GET-HIP-9 for details.

Feedback on HIP 2.0

IAFP wants to hear from you. How is the HIP 2.0 roll-out going in your practice? Are there any IAFP members who did not previously see Medicaid patients, but are now participating as a HIP 2.0 provider? We’d like to hear your thoughts on HIP 2.0 and why you are now participating. 

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