Indiana General Election Results

Indiana General Election Results

The November 4th General Election featured a few dramatic legislative races, but this 2014 election cycle ultimately will not upset the status quo of Indiana politics. The GOP swept the three statewide races for Secretary of State, Auditor and Treasurer, while also making gains in the General Assembly.  

The Republican caucuses within the Indiana Senate and House not only maintained their supermajorities, but also gained additional seats, with the Senate Republicans adding three seats to their majority, and the House Republicans netting two seats. 

The Senate Democrats lost the following incumbents in election upsets: Senators Tim Skinner (Terre Haute) and Richard Young (Milltown), while the House Democrats lost the seats held by Representatives Mara Candelaria Reardon (Hammond), Shelli VanDenburgh (Crown Point), and Bianca Gambill (Terre Haute).   

In the end, Democrats were able to pick up a Republican House seat through the upset of incumbent Representative Jack Lutz by Democrat Melanie Wright in the Madison County area.   This puts the Indiana Senate at 40-10 in favor of Republicans (it was previously 37-13) and the House at 71-29 (it was previously 69-31).    

There are still two yet-to-be-determined seat holders in the Indiana House where Representatives Eric Turner (House District 32) and Steve Braun (House District 24) won re-election, but both had previously announced their intention to resign immediately after the election. The Republican county chairmen in those districts will have 30 days to hold a party caucus and appoint the new representatives who will fill these two seats. 

Yesterday, the Republicans of the House and Senate met in Indianapolis to select their respective caucus leaders.  Both House Speaker Brian Bosma of Indianapolis and Senate President Pro Tempore David Long of Fort Wayne were re-elected as caucus leaders.   The only new member of the Republican leadership teams in either chamber will be Representative Jud McMillin of Brookville, who was selected to be the floor leader in the House.  Rep. McMillin replaces Rep. Bill Friend of Macy, who was promoted to House Speaker Pro Tem.  

The next anticipated event before the beginning of the 2015 budget session will be the General Assembly’s annual Organization Day scheduled for November 18.  Soon thereafter, we will learn the impacts of the 2014 General Election on session committee assignments, and legislators will continue to work on legislation before quickly approaching bill drafting deadlines.