Legislative Update

Indiana legislature nearly half-way over

The Indiana legislature will hit the “half-way” mark by the end of this week.  Ultimately, the legislature must be adjourned Sine Die by March 14th.  You can track all health-related legislation on IAFP’s master bill track available here: 

Last week consisted of “committee hearing deadlines” – meaning any bills that did not pass out of a committee are technically dead.  This week will be “2nd Reading deadline” for bills making it out of committee.  This is the point where bills can be amended by members of the full House or Senate.  We will watch closely for any amendments affecting family physicians or their patients.  “3rd Reading deadline” will occur later this week and bills receiving a passing final vote will be sent to the opposite chamber to start the process again.

 Bills that died in committee last week:

  • Bills requiring pseudoephedrine and ephedrine be scheduled and/or prescription drugs
  • Bills relating to health care reform and the Affordable Care Act
  • Legislation that would have changed certain provisions relating to the POST law

Bills advancing past committee deadlines:

  • Bills involving minors and tanning devices, and schools and auto-injectable epinephrine, are both moving forward with IAFP COL support. 
  • Legislation involving improvements to INSPECT continues to advance. 
  • A bill creating a pilot program to study telemedicine advances to the Senate.
  • Legislation making tramadol a schedule III drug, and making insulin a legend drug, advances to the House.

We will provide you with an update on legislative efforts later this week, once the legislature meets the “half-way” point.