Medical Licensing Board (MLB) In The Process Of Developing Emergency Rules On Pain Management Prescribing - Next Hearing August 22nd

Senate Enrolled Act 246 requires the MLB to establish standards and protocols for the prescribing of controlled substances. The new law declares the development of these standards an “emergency”, meaning the regulations must be adopted by the MLB by November 1st, with enforcement of the regulations being effective December 15, 2013.  

The MLB heard public testimony on July 24th regarding the proposed regulations (see below for revised set of proposed regulations.) Dr. Teresa Lovins, Columbus, represented the IAFP by providing this official written statement, as well as addressed some issues particular to family medicine. While IAFP generally supports the proposed regulations, Dr. Lovins pointed out that certain aspects of the proposed regulations – including the required confirmatory tests, may be cost or capital prohibitive to family physicians and their patients. IAFP also expressed a strong desire to participate in education efforts regarding the proposed regulations. IAFP hopes to continue working with the MLB to address these issues.

The MLB issued a revised set of proposed regulations yesterday, allowing for some flexibility for terminal patients, patients in nursing homes and patients in inpatient or outpatient palliative care programs. The MLB continues to seek input from physicians regarding development of this rule. If you have issues or concerns, please feel free to contact staff at IAFP, or contact President Stephen Huddleston of the MLB directly (email The next MLB hearing will be August 22nd