MLB Unanimously Adopts Chronic Pain Management Prescribing Rules

On Thursday afternoon, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board adopted this version of the Emergency Rules for Physicians Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.

While the regulations will be effective upon posting (which could occur as early as Friday), the regulations will not be enforced until December 15, 2013.

IAFP past president Teresa Lovins, MD, (Columbus) and IAFP board member Jon Hart, MD, (Bloomington) participated at various levels before the MLB, ensuring that the regulations were not too onerous for family physicians, but also impactful in increasing patient safety. Also, IAFP member Amy LaHood, MD, (Indianapolis) participated on the Attorney General’s Rx Task Force, Education Subcommittee, that developed the toolkit referenced below. The resulting regulations may require significant changes for some family physicians who treat chronic pain – your Academy will provide the resources you need to be ready for the new rules. 

Tools and Resources

The IAFP is developing a section of its website committed solely to preparing physicians for the new regulations. When the Attorney General’s Rx Task Force’s “toolkit” is available, we will post to the site. In addition, the IAFP has put together a member task force to review the toolkit and further refine it for quick and easy reference and use. In the coming days and weeks, IAFP will provide links to useful assessment tools and equivalency charts on this website. Stay tuned for more details!

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