Monkeypox Virus In The US And Other Non-Endemic Countries

  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health and CDC are investigating a confirmed case of monkeypox in an adult male Massachusetts resident with history of travel to Canada.
  • CDC is also tracking multiple confirmed and suspected clusters of monkeypox reported in early- to mid-May in several non-endemic countries, including in Europe and North America. Providers are encouraged to visit CDC's website for updates on affected countries.
  • Monkeypox should be considered as a possible diagnosis for patients presenting with clinically compatible illness, especially those with a recent travel history to a country where monkeypox has been reported.
  • A high index of suspicion for monkeypox is warranted when evaluating people with the characteristic rash, particularly for the following groups:
    • Men who report sexual contact with other men and who present with lesions in the genital/perianal area
    • People reporting a significant travel history in the month before illness onset
    • People reporting contact with people who have a similar rash or have received a diagnosis of suspected or confirmed monkeypox

If you suspect monkeypox in a patient:

  • Immediately contact the Indiana Department of Health at 317-233-1325. After business hours, follow the prompts in the automated menu to be connected with the epidemiologist on call.
  • If the Indiana Department of Health cannot be reached, CDC can be contacted through the CDC Emergency Operations Center (770-488-7100).
  • All diagnostic specimens must be sent through the Indiana Department of Health. Specimens may not be sent directly to CDC without prior authorization.

Read more here (PDF file).