Rollout Of HIP 2.0 POWER Account Debit Cards

Beginning October 1st, Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 ("HIP 2.0") patients will have the ability to pay their deductibles for certain services, including medical visits and behavioral health services, using a POWER Account card that is similar to a credit or debit card.  Healthcare providers enrolled in HIP 2.0 must have the ability to process these point-of-service payments using the patient's POWER Account debit card in order to receive payment. 

Physicians should be aware that they will incur a 3-percent service fee for each HIP 2.0 debit card transaction. Further, FSSA expects the MCEs to have a single, standardized process in place by early 2017 for the processing of these debit cards, but in the meantime, physicians should be prepared to process payment according to the instructions provided by each individual MCE. 

MHS will have this new service fully implemented as of the 1st of October, but Anthem and MDwise will use a regional rollout program throughout the month of October.  More details on the timing of this rollout can be found in the FSSA Bulletin found at this link:

IAFP continues to work with FSSA staff regarding our concerns with the implementation of the HIP 2.0 Power Account debit cards and the burdens that may be experienced by physicians' offices.  We will continue providing updates to members on any new developments on this issue.