Thank You

The IAFP Foundation Board of Trustees would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Foundation this year. Your generous contributions have made a significant difference in the Foundation’s ability to run successful programs and achieve its goals! 

Planned Giving Contributors

Ralph E. Barnett, MD
Raymond W. Nicholson, MD 

Founder's Club Members

Founder’s Club members have committed to giving $2,500 to the IAFP Foundation over a 5-year period. The Foundation Board of Trustees would also like to acknowledge that many of these individuals give to the Foundation in addition to their Founder’s Club commitment.

Deborah I. Allen, MD
Dr. Jennifer & Lee Bigelow
Douglas Boss, MD
Kenneth Bobb, MD
Bruce Burton, MD
Kalen A. Carty, MD
Clarence G. Clarkson, MD
Dr. Robert & Donna Clutter
Dianna L. Dowdy, MD
Richard D. Feldman, MD
Thomas A. Felger, MD
Fred Haggerty, MD
Alvin J. Haley, MD
John L. Haste, MD
Jack W. Higgins, MD
Worthe S. Holt, MD
Richard Juergens, MD
Thomas Kintanar, MD
H. Clifton Knight, MD
Teresa Lovins, MD
Jason Marker, MD
Debra R. McClain, MD
Robert Mouser, MD
Raymond W. Nicholson, MD
Frederick Ridge, MD
Jackie Schilling
Paul Siebenmorgen, MD
Kevin Speer, JD (IAFP EVP)
Daniel A. Walters, MD
Deanna R. Willis, MD, MBA
Edward L. Langston, MD

Gold Level Contributors ($1,000-$2,499)

Raymond W. Nicholson, MD
Jackie Schilling

Silver Level ($100-$999)

Larry Allen, MD
Jennifer Bigelow, MD
Douglas Boss, MD
Bruce Burton, MD
Ent & Imler CPA Group
Ken Elek, MD
Bernard Emkes, MD
Richard Feldman, MD
Maria Fletcher, MD
Alvin Haley, MD
Ashraf Hanna, MD
Worthe Holt, MD
Pam Middleton, MD
Melissa Pavelka, MD
Alan Sidel, MD
St. Francis Healthcare Foundation
Daniel Walters, MD

Bronze Level ($1-$99)

Susan Amos, MD
Doug Boss, MD
Amanda Bowling
Zach Cattell
Robert Clutter, MD
Deeda Ferree
John Haste, MD
Tom Kintanar, MD
Clif Knight, MD
Melissa Lewis, MS
John Linson, MD
Teresa Lovins, MD
Clovis Manley, MD
Debra McClain, MD
Doug McKeag, MD
Bill Mohr, MD
Suzanne Montgomery, MD
Robert Mouser, MD
Donya Powers, MD
Fred Ridge, MD
Kevin Speer, JD

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