Time is running out to permanently repeal the SGR

Congress has a rare opportunity to repeal the flawed and failed Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) in the next few weeks, and replace it with Medicare payment reforms that support primary care and quality patient care. 

Make a phone call to your representative to urge him or her to repeal the SGR.

The House of Representatives will either act to repeal the SGR or to extend it (for the 18th time) this week. You are influential to your representative as a family physician, and as an active constituent from your representative’s home area. Your telephone call won’t take much time, but it will have a positive effect on the future of family medicine.

Call your representative at (866) 629-5269, and let him or her know:
•    Your name
•    You are a family physician who practices in City, State
•    You are calling on behalf of the American Academy of Family Physicians to urge him or her to permanently repeal the flawed Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate formula
•    Another temporary patch is not the answer
•    Congress’ previous failure to act has cost $169.5 billion
•    To call the AAFP with questions at (202) 232-9033

Please feel free to leave this information as a voicemail or message with a staff assistant.

I know you’re busy, but the AAFP and I hope you’ll make the time for this short phone call. Congress only has until March 27 to hear from us and repeal and replace the SGR.

Thank you,
Robert L. Wergin, MD, FAAFP
AAFP President